1. A 48-hour quick deployment of your very own website, domain names and/or ongoing updates service will tailor your specific needs to deliver original/updated solution close to what you wished for.

Here are what YOW’s friendly service can specifically help you with.....

  1. The Starter Package (Click to fill in a WRF) includes the following features:

  2. 48-hour quick deployment of your draft website

  3. 1-year domain register and maintenance;

  4. 1-year web hosting for all the content of your website;

  5. Initial website setup (4 pages - for personal site, you will have ‘home’, ‘about me’, ‘album’, ‘blog with comment feature’ or for small business site, ‘home’ ‘products and services catalogue’, ‘support’, ‘contact’).

  1. Order your very own website NOW, be the first to enjoy free updating service for a month!!!!
    (Condition applies, check Special Terms in Terms & Conditions for detail)

  1. For Ongoing Updates of existing sites:

  2. AUD $5 per confirmed update content (less than 20mb in non-technical update change);

  3. AUD $20 per confirmed update content (less than 100mb in non-technical update change);

  4. AUD $100 per confirmed update content (greater than 500mb in non-technical update change);

  5. AUD $100 per hour per consulting service (YOW’s Perth-based web designer will meet you in person for specific website set up and maintenance requirement, Starter Package is not included in this charge).


  1. AUD &50/hour charged on both front-end & back-end technical update request as per prior agreement with YOW

  1. For first-time corporate clients, your Website Projects (Click to fill in a CRF) are accomplished through the following milestones:

  2. Quotation based on deliverables is provided upon receiving CRF response;

  3. Client meeting to negotiate contract (will be available to download before meeting), agreement reached by both parties;

  4. Project starts, within 48-hour, first prototype is ready for feedback and comments, 2nd prototype will be ready in the middle of the projects duration for further development;

  5. Final site is ready for acceptance to conclude the project.


Before engaging YOW’s friendly service, allow us to introduce YOW.....